Illinois Assyrians Aim To Register New Voters


CHICAGO, ILLINOIS--A group of Assyrian-American activists in Illinois have officially launched the Vote Assyrian Registration Drive in the City of Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. The initiative follows a number of social protests, fundraisers, and meetings with Members of Congress related to the ongoing plight of Assyrian Christians in Iraq and Syria. The organizers hope that this voter drive will better organize the growing Assyrian-American community in the area, currently with an estimated population of 100,000.

The voter drive has been launched in response to the community's frustration over the United States' failure to act amid the growing crisis facing Assyrian refugees in Iraq and Syria.

The Vote Assyrian Registration Drive will prepare Assyrian-Americans for the highly-anticipated 2020 Federal Elections. The group, working in conjunction with major Assyrian organizations nationwide, plans to make the treatment of Christians in the Middle East a major issue for candidates as Election Day approaches. The committee has already started planning several political town hall meetings, during which Assyrian voters will have the opportunity to express their concerns and learn more about each candidate.

Assyrian-Americans wishing to register through Vote Assyrian will have the opportunity to do so on select Sundays at all Assyrian churches, and also at community events throughout the year. Learn more about the drive at

For more information about Vote Assyrian and the local Assyrian community, please contact via email at

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