What does it mean to Vote Assyrian?

To Vote Assyrian, one focuses primarily on issues impacting Assyrians both locally and in the traditional homeland, as opposed to individual partisan beliefs and alliances. Voting Assyrian requires that a citizen is informed on these issues, and votes in favor of candidates who support our causes.

Who are Assyrians?

Assyrians have had a presence in the United States for more than a century, but the number of Assyrian immigrants has increased dramatically in recent years due to ongoing persecution. The majority of Assyrians in the United States have either fled their homeland due to ethno-religious persecution or identify as first-generation Americans. There are hundreds of thousands of Assyrian-Americans in the United States; the highest concentrations of Assyrian-Americans are found in Illinois, Michigan, California, Arizona, New York, and New Jersey.
Assyrians are a minority group whose origins lie in the Assyrian Empire, a major power in the ancient Middle East, and trace their ancestry back thousands of years. Assyrians are also referred to as Chaldeans, Syriacs, and Aramaens. The estimated population of Assyrians is between 2 to 4 million globally, with the majority residing around their traditional homeland, comprised of a number of countries including Iraq, Syria, Iran, and Turkey. Members of the Assyrian diaspora are spread out all over the world.
Assyrians are predominantly Christian. Their official language is Assyrian (also called Syriac or Neo-Aramaic), derived from Aramaic, the language of Christ. Assyrians have been made victims of religious and ethnic persecution for centuries in their ancestral lands.


Our Objectives


Increase the number of registered Assyrian-American voters on a national level.
There is power in numbers. Think of it this way: If a candidate knows tens of thousands of Assyrians are going to hit the polls come Election Day, they will care about Assyrian issues.


Educate Assyrian-Americans on the importance of civic responsibility and staying informed.
The importance of civic responsibility is vital to the success of democracy. Civic responsibility can include participation in government, church, community initiatives. Equally important is staying informed on local and national issues.


Provide Assyrian-American voters with nonpartisan information about their candidates.
It is very important to be an informed voter, and have a complete understanding of your candidates. Media coverage can often times express bias in favor or even against an individual. We'll help you understand their stance on our issues.

Our Issues

  1. Securing an autonomous province for Assyrians and other ethnic and religious minorities to ensure their security and prosperity in their ancestral lands.
  2. Supporting the equal rights of Assyrians in Iraq, Syria, Iran, Turkey, and Lebanon.
  3. Increasing U.S. aid channeled directly to Assyrians in Middle East delivered by independent Assyrian-led NGOs to provide humanitarian relief, empower the community politically and socially, and to promote economic development.
  4. Assisting independent and legitimate Assyrian security forces in Iraq and Syria in protecting and securing their villages.
  5. Recognition of the ongoing genocide perpetrated against Assyrians in Iraq and Syria, in addition to recognition of the Assyrian Genocide of 1915 and the Simele Massacres of 1933.
  6. Ensuring the fair treatment of Assyrian refugees in the U.S. by the federal immigration court system and the Department of Homeland Security.
  7. Recognition of ongoing cultural genocide, and prevention of the deliberate vandalism and destruction of Assyrian heritage in Iraq, Syria, and Iran.


Do your part.

REGISTER TO VOTE. Every vote matters, including yours. One vote may not make the difference--but remember you are not standing alone. Most Assyrians in the Middle East, like many around the world, have never had the right to cast a vote. You do. Remember that.
ATTEND OUR EVENTS. Show your support for the cause by joining us at an upcoming event. Meet your local elected officials and candidates. Come out, engage in dialogues, and learn more about issues that matter to you. Check out our events page and mark your calendar.
SPREAD THE WORD. Reach out to your family and friends and encourage them to get registered. Utilize your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to raise awareness for our issues. Use our official hashtag #voteassyrian.
VOLUNTEER. Become a part of our team and share your voice with us. There are endless ways to help--registering new voters, event-planning, making phone calls, to name a few--and we need all hands on deck. If you're interested in volunteering with Vote Assyrian, please contact us.